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So you're ready to grow your business are you?

Well the power of business growth is all in the packaging - seriously!  Well there's more to it, but this is a great place to start!

It's the packaging of what you offer, what you do, it's the package of the branding, the message, pricing and more.  I've watched my business grow as I've offered more packages to my clients and provided more value, more benefits and more results.  The reason that people like to buy packages is because they want an outcome.  When you charge by the hour then many people see what you do as transactional rather than transformational.   Now, you tell me which you're willing to pay for - something transactional or something transformation.  I know what I'd be looking for.

When we start out in business, most of the time we charge an hourly rate. It's totally normal to do, but as our knowledge of our clients and what they want and need grows, then we're in a better position to charge more, work less and provide much higher value to them.

You didn't get into business to work yourself into the ground, so it's time to take things up a notch and for you to firstly value what you do so that others can value it as well!

So what is the POW-er of Packaging?

It's where we'll work to really nut out:

  • What your ideal client wants

    • What would they love to have you help them do, take off their plate or solve for them.  I have totally been in the place of the client where I've wished for more from someone that I've worked with.  More structure, more value, more tools, more ideas and better ways to work together.  I would pay more money for that as well.
  • How they want to work with you 

    • Do different clients like to work in different ways?  Can you offer them different solutions to meet their needs?
  • What is going to get them chomping at the bit to purchase your product or service package?  

    • I know that I've bought packages before where the list of benefits, value adds, bonuses and more have made me feel like I'm ripping them off paying their package price because I'm getting so much in return!
  • How can you price your package so that it's a no brainer

    • (see above....seriously I just told you how I thought I was ripping them off) ;)

  • What else can you do to surprise and delight your clients?  

    • I call it the kicker - the bonus, the hidden little secret that makes them go all gooey for you because they just weren't expecting it! 

    • Set up a sales page that shows off what you're offering and outlines all the value that you'll add with this Pow-er package!  Remember they can't read your mind so pack it full of great things that are easy for you to replicate again and again with awesome clients. 


- Pow-er of Packaging workbook

- How to build a brand that cuts through the noise video

For a 2 hour session this is a Pow-er packed session with loads of additional information to help you really position yourself, your packages and your business in the right way.  There is no point have a package that is HOT but your business doesn't back it up.  With the bonuses you'll see how you can really up your game when it comes to letting people know that you have a great package that is just right for them.

Investment - A$550.00