• Are you tired of sitting in front of your computer and wondering what you’ll do today in your business?
  • Are you finding it hard to create a plan you feel clear on, that gives you the confidence that you’re working on the right activities in your business?
  • Would you love to have a REAL business strategy with clear goals to help you actually achieve what you want?


When you start out in business or even if you’ve been going for a while, having confidence in what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why you’re doing isn’t always crystal clear.  We all know that with clarity comes confidence and that’s where I can support you to create the business road map to take you and your business where you want it to go.

How much would you love to have a dedicated person who is purely focused on you and your needs, on a regular basis to support you? As your coach my role is to help you to push things forward, clarify your direction, create a plan of action and make the right things happen when your want them to.

The Business of Brandology is all about creating a business that you love and one that your clients love even more!

The Business of Brandology Suzanne Chadwick


You get clear on your business direction and road map

You’ll know what you need to do and when you need to do it

You will have a system for measuring what works and what doesn’t

You’ll have a clear message to market to attract the right people you’re wanting to work with

You’ll take your personal brand to a whole new level so that you’re seen as the go to person in your specialisation

The Business of Brandology

....takes each of the key elements, messages and personality of what you want to create and allows you to package it up in a way that is irresistible to your clients.  When you think about how you purchase goods and services, 99.9% of the time you're buying based on how you feel about the person, what they offer, how they act, what they say and more and let me tell you that your customers are doing the same.

When someone buys from you - what does it say about them?

It's not just about how your website or logo looks, it's about the experience your customers have when they connect with you, it's about how they feel about the content you create, the message your share and how you make them feel.  

Believe it or not you have a vast amount of control over all these things. 

When your customers buy from you, it's not just the product or service that they are buying but they are purchasing an outcome, a dream, a result that they have been looking for and longing for.  If your brand, message and marketing doesn't convey the right outcome then selling what you have is going to be much harder. 

'The Business of Brandology' is a 7 step system that works through key areas in your business that ensures you represent your business in a way that gains traction, creates raving fans and in the end ensures that customers come to you instead of you going out and finding them - how good would that be! 

In 2016, business is more about connecting with the right customers, in the right place at the right time.  Together we'll work to take your brand and message and turn it into the powerhouse that you've been longing for it to be. 


When we work together, we'll work through the 7 steps which cover:

Strategy Session

We'll start out with a 3 hour strategy session where we'll work through my strategy pyramid to identify what your overarching goals are for your business.  We can then build a road map to achieve those goals in details. 

You'll identify

  • Who you want to serve
  • How much money you want to make
  • What you will offer your clients
  • What you are willing to do to get visible in your market

1) Clarity & Impact of message

Getting clear on what you are selling and to whom is the make or break foundation of your business. If you don't get this right then your message will fall on deaf and uninterested ears!  We'll work through client research and analysis to really understand what their needs are, what they are experiencing, what they actually want from someone like you.  What are the messages that are going to resonate with them, attract and engage them.  You'll get my Ideal Client Interview Questionnaire to use with your clients which will take you're offerings, copy and connection to a whole new level!

2) Brand Personality and Message Mapping

What is your brand personality – the traits that will differentiated you from your competitors in the market and help you stand out with an authentic message in the market.  We'll also map our your key messages across relevant communication challenges to ensure you're speaking the right language, in the right place, at the right time!

3) Look, Feel, Experience

How are the physical elements of your business looking?  Are they up to date, on brand, on message and working for you and not against you?  We'll review your website, social channels and customer experience map to ensure they all align, are consistent and help you build the business and brand you want to have with clients that keep coming back!

4) Play Big, Brand Bold

Creating a personal and business brand strategy is all about playing a big game.  We'll focus on blogging, video, speaking, workshops and more depending on what the right communication medium is right for you and what you're comfortable with.  What will you be known for and how can we insure that your highly visible to your ideal clients?

5) Marketing for Mavens

When you’re starting out 80% of your activity needs to be revenue generating to get you up and moving – what will those activities be based on your business strategy that we put together.  I'll show you Facebook Ads, Instagram marketing, creating challenges and more to grow your subscribers list and move clients through the sales funnel.

6) Savvy Systems

Financial systems, client contracts, setting up key activities in your business to ensure you’re working smart, know how much money you’re making, know how your list building is going and ensure you feel streamlined and not overwhelmed with what you need to do when running a business.  I've learnt a lot along the way and I'll share my strategies with you.

7) Consistency and Connection

Just because this is a 90 day coaching package, it doesn't mean that I leave you hanging and say sayonara once we're done...no, no -  we’ll also look at the rest of the year. What do you need to do to keep things going? How will you connect on an ongoing basis to move people through the sales funnel and get them buying more from you.  How can you build a community of raving fans that you serve and grow over time.


  • This coaching package ALSO comes with additional worksheets so that you can keep track of everything we're developing.  

  • You'll also get access to video tutorials to help you master email management systems, FINANCIAL SYSTEMS AND MORE

  • you'll also get 90 days FREE access to the eXchanger Academy online training HUB WHICH LAUNCHES IN MARCH 2016.





Are you ready to commit to serious action in your business – it’s exciting when you know that in 90 days you’ll be at a whole new level of clarity and confidence!




You’re ready to take the action it will take to change the way you work

You want to build your business and you’ll do what you need to in order to make it happen

You are over the excused and you want to build a business where you stand out from the crowd

You love what you do, you have a serious message to share and you want to move thing forward sooner rather than later

If this sounds like you and you’re about to get serious on taking action then I can’t wait to work with you!


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Note that a one on one initial consultation is booked to ensure that this program will meet your needs and that it’s the right fit for you.  All coaching payments made in advance of the session and payment plans are available upon request.