play big, brand bold



play big, brand bold


Everything that you do in your business is part of your Brand -
— Deymond John - Shark Tank
suzanne chadwick

Hi, I'm Suzanne Chadwick a Business & Branding AND Public Speaking coach for action focused entrepreneurs.  

Whether you've just started out in business or you've been in business for a while, I'm here to help you build a business that has clients coming back again and again, creating a brand that stands out from the crowd and loving the message that you're putting out there - something you're hugely proud of.  

The way that you do that is to build a business, brand, experience and offerings that nails it for your ideal client every time.  

I like to call it....."The Business of Brandology"

The Business of Brandology (or BOB as I affectionately call it), is all about creating a business that you LOVE and one that your clients love even more!

This is where my unique coaching systems and expertise comes into play. A business coach and branding corporate professional, I work with large and small businesses to nail your message to market, discover and own your brand personality so that the right people find you and connect with you and everything that you do. 

It'll help you create the best version of you and your business.  

So if you're an entrepreneur just waiting for your turn in the spotlight and you'd love nothing more than to up your confidence and clarity around what you stand for and deliver in your business, then it's time for us to connect!

We're about to change the game as you play it!

Are you ready? 

Let's do it!

Suzanne Chadwick