Sarah Bester - Family Nutritionist & Picky Eating Coach -

As a business owner who had been dabbling with a small business, whilst also working a day job, I was at a bit of a loss on how to take it to the next level. I first connected with Suzanne through her Facebook group where, freely providing high value content, she stood out head and shoulders above others.

It was an easy decision, then, to start working with her on some business coaching. Suzanne is a natural born networker and generous in her ability to connect women business owners with others. Building a business can be a lot of work, and at times quite isolating. Having Suzanne in your corner, and the community she has built, makes the journey that much more enjoyable.  Providing practical business advice and clear strategy, Suzanne is comprehensive and thoughtful in her work and I count     her as a valuable member of my business tribe.

  Rachel Davey - Corporate mindfulness trainer and


I had no direction in my business, I was just plodding along getting work from wherever it was available. I now have a clear plan of attack moving forward to grow my business with a better vision and understanding of what I want to achieve. I could not of done this on my own. Suzanne's approach was informative, structured and easy to follow and didn't seem overwhelming, even though we covered so much! She has a wealth of knowledge and I am so happy I made the decision to book in to the session.

Lisa Cappuccio - Web Design & Digital Consultant - Luna Ink Design Studio



Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge to assist business owners. She has a great energy about her and I really enjoyed working with her on packaging services which had been bothering me for a very long time. I would definitely work with Suzanne again in a heartbeat as I find her so easy to get along with and she just knows her stuff. Suzanne is a champion and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Sam McFarlane - Virtual Assistance - Sam Says


Recently we worked with Suzanne to run a live webinar for our stakeholders on "How to be more strategic with clients and increase your stickiness"

Suzanne was so easy to work with – an absolute joy. Her presentation was lively, fun and really really useful. She had great insights to share and was happy to encourage questions and discussion. Suzanne's webinar is one of the best we have had at Virtually Yours and I'm so glad we took the steps to get her involved. If you want someone who knows their stuff, is professional yet fun and approachable, Suzanne is the one for you.

Rosie Shilo - CEO - Virtually Yours



I had lots of ideas and goals in addition to a huge vision and really needed assistance with creating a strategy to achieve it all. I found in the time I’ve been working with Suz that I’ve found great clarity even just having an outsider’s perspective on things has made a huge difference.
I now feel confident that I can move forward with an achievable plan without the overwhelming feeling I had before working with Suz.

Jess Jones, Founder – Soar Collective


Suzanne is so friendly and easy to work with. Before our session, I felt confused and like I wasn't getting anywhere in my business. I knew I needed clarity and she really helped with that. I went away from our session feeling like I'd made progress, with some questions answered and new ones to mull over as I move forward.

Katie Ryan – Councillor & Coach


Suzanne and I worked together on my Business and Branding strategy. Suzanne ran an extremely structured and collaborative session with me where we really brainstormed my business vision, mission and values.  We looked at my client profiles and created a bio for my business.  At the end of the session, I felt energised and the clarity I gained from the session was one that I was absolutely lacking before I worked with Suzanne.

Suzanne has an infectious positivity and she really did set me on the right track by equipping me with the tools and confidence I needed to make my business dreams come true.
Within weeks of commencing my mentoring sessions with Suzanne, my business started to gain momentum.  Suzanne not only has the knowledge and materiel to get my business on the right track, it was her positive attitude and her own immense success that motivates woman like myself to strive to make it happen.

Thankyou Suzanne for your invaluable guidance and I look forward to your continued mentoring as my business develops.

Anne Geurgeus – Lifestyle Stylist, STYLE JOY


The 'Pick My Brain' session with Suz was absolutely amazing! She is so inspiring and happily shared all her knowledge on the subject I needed help with. Her answers were practical, genuine and so helpful. I am so inspired and motivated now to get going with my new venture after speaking with Suz and getting her guidance and support. We met via Skype but it was so great it might as well have been over coffee. Suz is such an intelligent and passionate woman and truly a great example of how we all can strive to achieve better results!

Maree O’Flaherty, Sydney NSW @iybsolutions

“I have known Suzanne for over 2 years now and on many occasions have sought out advice and her opinion in regards to my career, life in general and how to progress. Suz is able to provide bigger picture thinking based on her many years of experience and is great in helping connect the dots. I know I am getting the honest truth and love that Suzanne offers insight into “myself”, especially in critical times of self doubt.

Since working together and forming a great mentor relationship, my personal confidence has soared and also my belief in that “I can do this”. Being able to confide and bounce ideas off Suzanne has been a truly great experience and I look forward to continuing to get to know this powerhouse and benefit from her enthusiasm, smarts and passion for life.

You are infectious and that has had such a positive impact on my own life in so many ways, thank you!”

Jessica Nowell ~ Founder & Entrepreneur at Jessica Nowell Agency 


I’ve known Suzanne for about a year and let me tell you, the woman is a powerhouse! She’s brimming with positive energy and is just so passionate about what she does you can’t help but get excited too.

Working with Suz is one of the best things I’ve done for my business. Every time I speak with her I come away brimming with ideas and really clear actionable steps. She has a knack for honing in on exactly what my business needs and, more often than not, it’s stuff I hadn’t even thought of yet. Although my business is still in the development phase, with Suz’s help I know I’m going to hit the ground running when I launch.

With Suz, not only do I get a terrific coach, I get a personal cheerleader: she has added me to key networking groups, put me in touch with prospective clients, and emailed me with ideas for my business — I feel like she truly is invested in making my business a success. As a solo business owner, I can’t tell you how much it means to feel like you have someone else on your team who cares as much about your business as you do.

Tahlia Meredith, Virtual Assistant – The Melbourne Freelancer


“Running two hands-on businesses can make it hard to see the forest through the trees – maintaining the objectivity required to thrive and survive can be a major challenge.

Suzanne helps cut through the clutter and guide you to achieve what you’re aspiring to. She’s supported me in the areas of business growth, developing passive income streams and creating better structure and offerings for my clients.

Suze always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to social technology, digital networking and the latest in working smarter, not harder. ”

Sarah Harrison, Strategist & Content Writer ~ Hot Content


When I started the 6 week ‘Ship IT’ coaching program, I didn’t have a specific outcome in mind. I had been playing around with a number of ideas in my head over the last few years but didn’t have the confidence/commitment to move them forward.

I felt our coaching sessions were highly supported and collaborative think tanks.  A lot going on in the background – emotional support, lots of practical advice and a real sense of investment in your project by Suzanne.   

Suzanne is a creator and innovator and it is a blessing to have someone who has those skills and can help you in practical ways and is genuinely interested in you and the outcomes.  I found the experience very positive and would highly recommend the Ship IT Coaching program; it gives you an accountable way of moving a project forward with someone who is innovative, creative and full of practical resources. I looked forward to attending them every week.

Kate Crawshaw – Creative Professional

sonya testimonal.png

Just wanted to say thank you for the Business & branding Strategy Huddle. It helped me clear up what I want to build for my business.  The one on one time with a cuppa & some nibbles made it relaxed and highly productive. It helped me see what I want my business to look like, who I want my clientele to be and how to create packages for the different groups I hope to target.

It also showed me that I don’t HAVE TO do anything I don’t want to do in my business just because I don’t want to have male clients it doesn’t mean I’m missing opportunities, this may be the factor that helps me build a better, more comfortable female client base.  The three hours flew by and I feel we covered so much ground and you helped me clarify so may areas….definitely worth the time!  The printout to write all the structures, ideas, branding words and Business Bio is a fantastic takeaway tool that I have as I set up my web page.

I would highly recommend a B&B strategy huddle with Suzanne as she helped me focus and define my business ideas into something I can write about and gives clear definition to what my business is all about.

Suzanne is relaxed, listened to what I want for my business, threw ideas that I hadn’t thought of, which helped bring a bit more clarity and stayed on track to cover the material she had prepared for us to get through.
All in all a MUST DO for anyone starting their own business! Thanks Again

Sonya Harper – Beauty Therapist, RELAXED ME


“There are very few people who can challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and at the same time give you the skills and confidence to do so. Suzie is one such person.

In the short time I have known Suzie she has worked with me to brainstorm ideas for innovation, introduced me to products, services and people to make me more efficient and effective in my job, and guided me in creating a work-life balance.

Her approach is honest, her ideas are fresh and her positive attitude is contagious. I’d have no hesitation recommending Suzie as a mentor or coach to my friends and colleagues.”

Ani Kumaralingam – Editor in Chief - MumLife Australia


“Suzanne is one of those delightful people that embraces life with a genuine passion, positive outlook and a bucketful of energy and proactivity.

Passionate about living a fulfilled and purposeful life, she is truly committed to helping others do the same.
Offering a practical, action oriented coaching framework, Suzanne works with you to define your true capabilities, ambitions and goals and most importantly, align them with your passions and values. Working together to cut through the clutter she offers tremendous insight and ideas for creating and applying tangible steps forward to creating the results and life you want.

A true collaborator, she delights in connecting with people who also genuinely want to be the best they can be.”

Margot Andersen ~ Director, talentinsight