I know that you're out there going, "I can't create any more content. I'm bored. I'm over it. I can't do it," but I'm here to tell you that if you're in business, it's really important for you to think about the content that you create. I'm going to share with you today six key reasons why it's key for you to make this a priority in your business.

The first one is ensuring that you're seen as an expert in your field, making sure that you're talking about the things that matter to your ideal clients, and you're giving them the answers that they're asking the questions to, so that when they are looking for the answer, you're the person that they see, hear, and come to, especially when they're looking to hire somebody. Positioning yourself is really important.

The second thing, which is obviously part of that is visibility. If they don't know you're there, then they can't hire you. If they don't know what your expertise is, then they can't hire you. If they never see you or hear about you from other people, then they can't hire you. That visibility is really, really important, and I think visibility is a word that is used a lot at the moment because it is such a busy and crowded market out there that you have to be seen and heard in order to stand out in the crowd.

The third thing is SEO, search engine optimization. Now, there's two things to this. I am no expert on it, but when it does come to SEO, it's really important that you continue to create content with the keywords that people are searching on. People such as Kate Toon and Shae Baxter are the ladies you want to go to when you're looking for SEO help, but also taking a look at things like Google, where you're putting in a search on some of the key topics that you think your clients might be searching on, is going to really help you to ensure that the content that you're creating, it's current, it's content that people want to know more about, and that you can be writing about that, so that when they're searching on that, you're coming up in the feed.

When it comes to highly ranked content, videos ranks extremely well in Google, especially if you're putting in keywords when naming your videos as well as naming your video files with the keywords or phrases that people are searching for.


The fourth thing is shareability. Now, obviously when you create content, you want it to be shared. You want as many people to get their eyeballs on it as possible. By creating great content, whether it's written, video or infographic or whatever else you like to create, by creating great content you allow people to share it through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, wherever else, obviously from your blog.

Then that takes us through to the fifth reason as to why it's key to create great content. It constantly brings people back to your website to find out more about you, what you do, and what you have to offer. Creating more content, obviously people will find you, but the great thing is is that you want to build a following. You want people to know that if they come back to your site every week or every fortnight, whatever content schedule works for you, then there'll be new content on the topic that you speak about.

The sixth thing is that it means that you've got fresh content for your email subscribers every week or fortnight as well. I know that a lot of people struggle with what content am I going to share with my subscribers? Well, obviously doing blogs, either video or written, is going to be a great excuse to be emailing your subscribers with that new content. I have to be honest, I don't go to people's websites anymore, unless I get an email from them letting me know that they've got new content. I don't have time to go and troll and take a look at those sorts of things, so send an email out to them. Tell them about the new content that you've got so that they can click back and come back to your website. Then that comes back to visibility. You're always front of mind. Always make sure that with clients, ex-clients, new subscribers, people that you're really wanting to attract and connect with, that you keep front of mind on social, on email, and wherever else you want to be.

Creating great content helps you stay front of mind on social, email, and wherever else you want to be with the people you want to connect with.

Those are six key reasons why you need to continue to create great content for your business as you build and grow it.  Do you struggle to create content in your business?  What are your challenges?  Feel free to leave them in the comments below or ask any questions about how you can create the right content for you and your audience.